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Get out if you can. HK is a dystopian nightmare. With an even more hard core individual now in charge.
Once you get over the initial shock of leaving, shake off the Stockholm syndrome, youíll see that the rest of the world are cracking on with their lives. Heck Iíve even caught covid. Canít say itís something Iím keen to repeat, however thanks to 3 x vacc Iíve had worse doses of the flu.
You wonít look back. Literally and figuratively. I havenít, and although I miss the job I donít miss the crap that came with it latterly. The HK Gov, under the guise and pretence of being independent, and it has to be said CX management in their ever increasing attempts to roll over, have destroyed one of THE jobs in Asia, and arguably turned one of the best places to live in the Far East in to a concentration camp.

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