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Legislation problem

Going back to what might cure the CASA disaster, AOTW is of course correct to call for reforms as points 1. and 2. but unfortunately a 34 year history of worse and worse is proof that the model of an independent Commonwealth corporate instead of Department with responsible Minister at its head cannot work. The Westminster system is a system of government that has stood the test of time. If someone can show a better model then fine letís see it. Not to say we canít improve but the only sensible way forward is to grow from what we know works.

Surely itís abundantly clear by now that lack of political direction and a free for all CASA make work program, complete with a catch all Ďsafety above allí excuse for the most stupendous, complex and unworkable rules canít be changed from within. Too much money in salaries for one thing and the vague Statement of Expectations as an almost useless document of guidance.
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