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Interesting that the Regulatory Impact Statements (RIS) that were done by CASA to determine what the cost on industry would be, as a result of the implementation of the new regulations are not publicly available.

The cost to the taxpayer just for CASA to produce the statements would have been significant, and now they arenít freely available for the public?

Then we have CASA forcing all AOC holders to re-write their ops manuals to comply with the new requirements. I would imagine that most ops manuals would only require minor amendments throughout in order to comply with the new requirements, and not having to use CASAís home grown sample manuals. It will be interesting to see how many AOC holders have not updated their ops manuals by the deadline in 4 weeks and what CASAís immediate action will be on themÖ The traditional CASA Friday afternoon fax - shut shop will probably be replaced​​​​​ by an email!

I totally agree with Rex and his proposal if re-elected,

Iím surprised that the RAAA and AOPA havenít been vocal on the damage that the new regs are having on industry.
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