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Originally Posted by SATCOS WHIPPING BOY View Post
Pr00ne, you are missing the point completely.

If you are mil or ex mil you should be ashamed of your naivety.

As i have said before. It is NOT what is open source that is the problem. It is the act of COMPILING it into a very useful bit of intel and the ADDITIONAL information that sits with it.

For an Intel Officer to support these concerns speaks volumes of the seriousness of the subject that people are dismissing as "laughable" .
I am ex mil and I am in no way naive!

This is 2022 not 1934.

How on earth does all of this detailed compiling of info on social media aid, or even in any way affect, a Russian soldier in a shell hole in Ukraine?

Even back in my day I was firmly of the opinion that all Opsec and beadwindow was to prevent embarrassment of senior officers and anything that could possibly be deemed negative toward the Royal Family.

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