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Oh do get a grip for gawd sake!

OPSEC? BEADWINDOW? Security breaches?

If you seriously consider for one split second that some Russian intelligence types, poring over their numerous satellite images, long range IR, night vision and recce images, ELINT, HUMINT and numerous other info sources, will cast all that aside with the cry "hold on, ignore all that! Some ex Vulcan jockey on PPRuNe thinks that we might be wrong in some of what we are doing!" then you are SO deluded that it is embarrassing!

As for the rest, all that is posted here is a repost of stuff already posted elsewhere and often by the Ukranians or UK MoD themselves. You are massively overstating your importance or significance if you think that any of this is any kind of security breach.

я українецьya ukrayinetsʹ

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