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> Personal attacks on me do you no credit, try playing the ball not the man.

There is no ball to play, you have no argument. You're a pathetic shill. Watching you back peddle out of your absurd posturing has been most entertaining. "I wAs jUsT prESenTinG thE RusSian PerspEctIve".

Explain to me again how a person who has repeatedly threatened to destroy the entire world and murder every single person in it, is not a lunatic. I'll wait.

As for the rest of your drivel predicting the future financial position of Russia, nothing more than the musings of an idiot. The Ruble crash will not last very long?

Yeh, look at that Ruble go, recovery will be any minute now... aaaanny minute now.

Russia is being sent back to the stone age. If you think this is a temporary or transient occurrence, that Russia will have markets to operate in anytime soon, you're even dumber than I thought.

I want to hear out of your mouth that you agree there is absolutely no justification, no excuse at all for Russia's conduct here. Their perspective, their viewpoint is utterly irrelevant. Say that and I'll believe your protestations that you find the invasion appalling. Otherwise, its just more maneuvering.

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