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The damage is consistent with the floor of the jetbridge pushing the door upwards, there are shear bolts in the door to hinge attachment just for this eventuality to prevent even greater damage at the hinge to fuselage attachment . There are three ways this could have happened:
  • Heavy cargo was offloaded from the rear compartment, causing the nose to settle, with the door pressing on the jetbridge. Normally this should be avoided by a sensor shoe placed under the door which moves the jetbridge down, but if it was forgotten or incorrectly placed, this is the result (been there, seen that, though luckily it was not me who did it)
  • During bridge positioning, the operator moved the joystick the wrong way, moving the bridge up (rather likely).
  • During bridge positioning, due to some malfunction the bridge moved upwards unexpectedly (very unlikely).
The solid roof of the jetbridge does not extend to the door top due to the curvature of the fuselage, and the extendable rain cover would not do such damage. Pushback would put sideways load on the door, and the solid sides of jetbridges at CPT do not extend that far, it would be the flexible rain cover catching the side and ripping before the door fails.
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