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Originally Posted by 172_driver View Post
Ever had the AP disconnect close to DH on an actual CATIII appr? I have. There is a certain startle effect to it and still in the milk, there isn't much visual to go by. It's essential that the crew has the motor skills quick at hand to perform a manual go-around. I again boast that a single channel approach should be standard if the weather is reasonable, as it might be the only real (and I mean real, not simulated) practice you may get at one. One day you might need it.
Of course there is a startle effect, which is why good training tries to focus on startle effects and how to get out of that startle, by the way, the startle effect hits you the same on more stable aircraft like the A320, probably even more so as the alert height is only half as high. That said, apparently there is quite a big risk for pilots to really mishandle manual go arounds, many people have paid the ultimate price for that. I would argue that a dual channel approach would have been better in that case: click the TOGA button, let the automatics do the rest, wrap your head around the somatogravic illusion, and once settled one can use whatever he wants including manual flight. Granted, it wouldn't have helped the TUI guys, but it certainly would have helped the FlyDubai crew.
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