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Only half a speed-brake
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Is a level-off from an announced, briefed MisAp too much to handle for pilots in 2021? Not the G/A itself, the level-off at the end of it. Boeing shut Classic's production around 1999, IIRC. If the NG is a beast, it should be tamed by now.

This from someone who
- only learned here, 15 years after having changed the type, that his THS trimming techinque was completely wrong resulting in severe overcompensation
- only learned here what speed-tape confusion means and is still scared of his second (yet to come) real encounter with it
- took whole 4 SIM training sessions to get his G/A's polished after the pandemic break - on the mainstay, 'properly designed and pilot-friendly' type.

​​​​I think an honest investigation needs to evaluate the size of the holes in cheese slices too.

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