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Originally Posted by Pilot DAR View Post
Yes, as long as it was not over stressed or oversped during the recovery. Or. if it was, the pilot reported it. The 185 I used to fly jumpers in, was spun from jump run after I left that flying. The pilot landed, so I guess it worked, but they later found the the wings were wrinkled badly enough to write the plane off. A friend of mine bought it to rewing it. "Right", includes assuring that the next pilot, or maintenance person, is aware of any possible exceedances or defects resulting from what you did in it...
Interesting. The 180 I used to fly had a VFR only guy get into a cumulus cloud on a fairly nice day resulting in a spiral dive and sharp enough pull-up to structurally damage it significantly. It seemed to look fine and I actually ended up jumping out of it that same day after it started flying again. The usual dropzone kind of stuff that seems to happen. And a good reminder that significant damage can be well hidden.
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