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Originally Posted by Pilot DAR View Post
I did a spin program on a modified Cessna Grand Caravan, and without the G meter I installed for the testing, I would have certainly exceeded Vne during the post recovery dive. A "normal" spin recovery in the Grand Caravan at forward C of G and near gross weight was 2.5G pull, and just about Vne, meaning that not pulling the 2.5 would have assured exceeding Vne. The aft C of G spins were an entirely different thing!
The Caravan is a turbine and is certified with a Vmo. It does not have a Vne. Although both speeds provide a margin to Vd they should not be confused because the Vne is literally the never exceed speed whereas Vmo/Mmo is a nominal limit approved to account for the inevitability of some speed excursions whilst operating there.
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