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Originally Posted by Vessbot View Post
I see right (anti-spin) rudder at all points where I can see the rudder in the first spin, as the subsequent ones it gets too small to see. I also can't see the ailerons at any point after the original entry.
Then look again, and watch the control inputs in the SE turboprop.
I am so disturbed with some of the videos I am not going through them again, but there are pro spin controls, aft elevator, and guys messing with the ailerons, all kinds of yeehaa stuff going on in some of them.

"Identify direction of spin, close throttle(s), full opposite rudder, ease the stick forward until the rotation stops, centralise rudder, recover from dive apply power as the nose reaches the horizon"

Mess with the ailerons, you are test flying unless it's a Pitts or similar.
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