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Hi Rich,

Stalling an aeroplane has nothing to do with the engines, you can stall an aeroplane with all engines at full power.

The word stall is used to describe the situation when the angle of attack of the air passing over the wings exceeds the maximum causing the airflow to break away from the wings and causing a sudden loss of lift. For many reasons this can then lead to a spin.

You can stall an aircraft at high speed, low speed, pointing straight up or straight down, full power or in a glider.



Originally Posted by Rich Kovaly View Post
I have a question. I am not a pilot and I kind of predicted as to what could have caused the plane to do what it did, but since I am not a pilot, or a mechanic, could you explain to me why the engines stalled? I can guess that the extreme drag could have through the whole thing out of whack, but I wouldn't have thought that the engines would shut down from it. Your going to laugh at me, but I can understand it in my head, I just can't put words to paper to explain it. lol. Could you please explain it to me so my conscious mind can understand it.
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