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Bob Viking
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Perhaps RCS would be better qualified to speak of the horrors of a heavy Jag at DM. Before you banter it was with a couple of thousand pounders, drop tanks and overwing missiles in +35C. DM being close to 3000í AMSL.

As I recall his rotate speed was 193 that day and when he pulled back on the stick the jet didnít want to rotate.

What followed was a high speed abort, a cable engagement and a few shredded tyres.

What also followed was early finishes for the remainder of the detachment.

What I should add was that on the first day of ops there we received 14 noise complaints from our use of runway 30. One of the complaints was from the Mayor.

Apparently the locals were happy with the A10s overflying the city on take off. They were not so happy with Jags in reheat at low altitude straight over downtown.

Some people just have no sense of humour.

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