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Originally Posted by De_flieger View Post
It is good to see them returning to a sort of normality, hopefully the Eastern states can follow that path or something like it sooner rather than later. I just hope it isn't brought down or fought against here by a bunch of ratbags who are all about their rights but nothing about their responsibilities. I think that sadly in Australia, if we tried to do that, there would be a bunch of whingers who refused to be vaccinated, but also saw providing proof of a recent covid infection as an invasion of their privacy, and the requirement to get a rapid test as an infringement of their rights by businesses taking their medical information or precious saliva and mucus or something - anything that is required, they'll find a reason to object to. Hopefully they will be in the vast minority and if we go down that path enough people are prepared to do the right thing and it works.
I think you are right. Most of those against vaccination mostly seem to be anti authority and use dodgey science and misinformation to support their case. They hate the idea that they have to do something requested from a government entity.
Being happy to support the use of a drug that has no proven clinical use against the virus, while rejecting an approved and tested vaccine is their way of sticking it to “the man” .
Vaccination rates show they are the minority. So society will will forward despite them, as it always does.
Here is hoping that the QF, and other airlines grow their networks quickly and the industry bounces back to the point where we can complain about shity rosters again.
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