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Bend a lot, no one cares, I donít know where you live or work but the standard in Australia and with Qantas is a double vaccine. No one cares if someone has already had Covid, they are still expected to get the two jabs if they want to work for Qantas. By your own study links above there is no harm in getting the vaccine after infection, it may even be more robust. So to pivot back to the topic, to work for Qantas you have to get two jabsÖ. End of.

Also the Yahoo article clearly states that the legal challenges in the USA are only able to be carried out due to them arguing the Universities in question are Government Agencies, it clearly says that if you work for a private company those companies have much greater legal power to enforce vaccine mandates.

now, in the future it may be that a previous Covid infection may be treated the same but for the short term in Australia it isnít and people have to work with that.
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