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Such vehicles, just like their manned counterparts, will be designed around a threat and a theatre of operations - and the size, range and performance of that required by the RAF in the European theatre will probably be different to that required by the RAAF/USAAF/USN in the Pacific theatre.

That dichotomy was shown in the Cold War era when the RAF wanted a long range two seat interceptor to meet the SACLANT and manned bomber/QRA roles whilst everyone else was buying F-16s to counter the Central Region short range dogfight threat.

Now, that doesn’t mean that export potential and OOA concerns might not end up with both Tempest and Mosquito having long legs and being similar to the Loyal Wingman - but it does mean just buying off the shelf from Australia isn’t a given.

As for the idea the UK would only buy something designed in the UK, I’d point out we bought and operated the F-4 for decades, alongside the C-130, Chinook, Apache and many others, and have in the last couple of decades bought the F-35, C-17, P-8, Voyager, R1…. And of course the E-7 Wedgetail…..

My previous post #13 also pointed out that various Grumman and other designs are possible candidates for Mosquito, Spirit AeroSystems in Belfast may lead the programme, but I doubt they’ll be starting from scratch….

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