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Originally Posted by Tinstaafl View Post
During upgrade class yesterday we were told by the head of ground training that PSA Airlines is now accepting applications from overseas pilots. He wasn't very clear if they're sponsoring visas, but he told me to get my Oz compatriots over here in droves. PSA wants as many pilots as they can get, for themselves and to eventually flow to AA. They want to start 2 newhire classes every two weeks, each with 30 pilots.

Large bonuses now being offered when you upgrade and eventually go to AA, totalling up to $150,000. $30k when you upgrade + $70k when you go to AA + an extra $25k when you go for each year where you're available for 900 hours of work for (maximum of two years). 900 hours is the min guarantee per month anyway so easily achieved just by being on reserve, and includes other qualifying activities such as annual leave/vacation etc.

So if anyone wants to come let me know before you apply and I'll put a recommendation in, and do what I can to help.
At least be transparent and tell everyone you are cashing in on a referral bonus for every person you recommend that finishes training.

Most guys offer to split the referral bonus with the applicant.

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