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Thank you Mr Bre901, one could have googled it oneself one supposes, but one grows weary of information falling into ones lap so easily, twill lead to a lowering of standards, mark ones words,Google is to general Knowledge what the pocket calculator is to mental arithmetic.
One has the Deja Vu feeling agian, one thinks one has already posted that snippet of homespun wisdom.
Deja Vu, now theres a interesting subject, one of course solved the mystery of why it happens long ago.

Well, one may as well tell fellow prooners the Draper theory of how and why Deja Vu occurs.
Has to do with short and long term memory you see.
When coming upon a strange and new scene, the normal protocol is for the image to be stored in short term memory,then compared to all the scenes in long term memory,and because it is new informatiom and designated a new scene one has not witnessed before, then stored in long term memory for future reference.
What occurs with Deja Vu is the protocol undergoes a timing error,the scene is mistakenly stored first in long term memory, before being stored, as it should be in short term memory, then all hell breaks loose, the scene is compared to all scenes in long term memory, and **** me, it is already in there, how can this be one asks, I int never been stood on the top of mount Everest before now.
So there, the answer is simple, Tiz but a filing error, no doubt the Woo person had he still been here would have tried to shoot this theory down,as he had some daffy theories about how memory works, but as with all good theories it is simple and elegant, ergo, he would not have succeeded.

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