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One is going to depart from the normal protocols of this thread here and request some usefull information.
Watching a Doc here about the early pre war days of atomic research, up to the point when the chaps realised that certain elements might be configured in such a way as to produce a feckin great bang.
Apparently the French were very interested pre war and bought up loads of heavy water,the scandyhooligans seemed to be the main supplier of this strange isotope, thus leaving the chaps sausage side scurrying about seeking some to beg borrow or steal .
OK question?, heavy water was obviously beinng produced if not in industrial quantities in fairly large amounts in a plant in Norway, what use was heavy water put to before the advent of the atomic physics?, and the search for fission?
What did these Scandyhooligans use heavy water for,making Aquavit perchance?

Thank you Mr Dishman, one has done some research into prehistoric France oneself, it seems the Proto Gauls realised that a easier life could be had by lounging about painting pictures on cave walls and calling oneself a artist, much easier than having to go out and do a honest days work making flint knives arrowheads ect, or rushing about slaying Wooly Rhinos Mammoths and the like in the manner of the proto Englishmen across the way, as there was no English channel then, they prolly just wandered across and sold us flint postcards of, err Art studies.
This pointed the way of the future, we industrious Anglo Saxons produced the industrial revolution, the French produced works of Art

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