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Language barrier at BOS. Is this really necessary?

Please be aware that i must emphasize these 2 things.
1) If Mods thinks this thread should go to another room, feel free to move it please.
2) I really dont want to start here any kind of fight pilots vs atc'ers.
However like in many other times in the past, i would love to read your opinions about it please.

In this clip, from yesterday at YT VAS Channel, we can hear a brazilian biz Embraer jet arriving at Boston.
Its a fact we can hear a kind of confused and nervous pilot, augmented with a language barrier, and at the end by a landing gear issue, it seems.
Yes, maybe the first pilot speaking should practise a lil bit its english, some STAR procedures, etc.

However my main question is this one...is really a good practice, is really a good tool, is really necessary when we are experiencing all these "not so good things", to tell the pilot about a "PPD" and asking the guy to took a pen, pencil, etc, and write a phone number..!??
Why do they say this in the middle of the app and not only after a safe landing, lets say for example, on a ground freq...!?
Sometimes the outcome could be very disastrous instead.

I realllly cannot agree with this and i really cannot see anything positive...sometimes in these ocassions telling this to an already confused, nervous and stressed crew has an opposite effect and could lead to a sad accident, my humble 2 cents.

I fully respect ATC, never flown as a pilot in USA, only in Europe & Africa, but being honest i really dont get any point here.

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