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Originally Posted by Natterjak View Post
Terrible that it seems to be a carbon copy of a previous accident two years before. In a small country such as Sweden there are not that many skydiving flights, so two in two years is altogether too frequent. I do hope lessons are learned this time and if there are cultural factors in play, that they are addressed.

What do I mean by cultural factors? The famous “laid back” Swedishness which eschews caution and places emphasis on individual judgment over strict enforcement of rules.
Carbon copy? One at high altitude and one just after take off?

The same number of unfortunate casualties and both accidents occurred during parachuting operations. That makes it a carbon copy?

Different aircraft types, different phase of flight, different drop zones.

Perhaps you could give us personal, first hand examples of this inherent “Swedishness” which sees an entire nation “eschew caution”?
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