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Originally Posted by ORAC View Post
Because I titled the thread 2021 onwards because itís intended to be about the future, not raking over the previous 20 years.

Please feel free to start a thread covering 2001 to 2021 if you wish to rake over the coals - doing so in this thread would inevitably mean the original intent would be swept away - at which point Iíll erase my first post - and the thread.
Well, the path forward is already interesting, with China building a 4 lane road to the country at their short shared border over the Wakhjir Pass, earlier an important link in the Silk Road.
The US on leaving foolishly destroyed all the gear too big to remove. Had they left their massive truck and equipment park, there would have been a commercial link in the reasonably near future. As is, nothing remains but destruction.

The Chinese have money and ample civil engineering resources, they surely would love to be on the ground floor in rebuilding Afghanistan.. There is just the small matter of religion.
Perhaps the Taliban will soft pedal that aspect, to get the country back to some semblance of progress. Considering that, Vietnam is now friends with the US to balance China, possibly the Taliban will evolve similarly, if the US turns the page.
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