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Jeez boys, really? KA vs CX willy-waving eight months after the former were so brutally demolished?

Nothing to do with who had better pilots or a better contract, rather a top-level corporative decision based on aircraft, slots, predicted evolution of the pandemic, perceived brand value etc. An imperfect decision of course, but there you have it. Several hundred KA families lost their income and face highly uncertain futures. More and more CX families are joining them, be it the smaller number who lost their jobs at the same time, or the several hundred who are losing their jobs on bases right now or risk doing so due to visa issues.

It’s bloody carnage in our industry, with no quick end end in sight at the moment, especially here. Those who have lost and are losing their jobs deserve the sympathy of those holding onto theirs (albeit on drastically slashed Ts&Cs). Here’s hoping there’s light at the end of this bloody long tunnel.

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