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Originally Posted by sunnySA View Post
What exactly does this mean? Is anyone able to qualify what the residual risk that is being mitigated?
In the 2017 CASA OAR supplementary study of Ballina, Paragraph 6.6 is entitled Safety Assessment. This contains two statements:

6.6.1 Analysis of aerodrome activity at BBGA determined that the risk to airspace users in the BBGA area was highest between 0800 and1800 hrs which primarily covers daylight hours.

6.6.2 The likelihood of a safety incident between two aircraft after 1800 hrs was assessed as extremely low because all passenger transport movements are separated by time in their flight schedules and there are very few airspace users around BBGA after 1800 hrs.

Maybe the “residual airspace risk” is the delta between “extremely low” and “vanishingly small” or “zero”?
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