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Originally Posted by Foxxster View Post
but provided absolutely no evidence, despite putting himself out there as an expert.

as for sydney , we have people travelling daily from the central coast, the blue mountains, Wollongong to the all areas of Sydney. Lot of tradies live on the central coast. No not 100% of people travel to every other suburb but as I stated our average commute length is the same as Melbourne and yes people do travel across the city regularly for shopping, sporting events,work etc etc.

but someone posted here that they travel across Melbourne to go to a restaurant but people in Sydney would never do that. So I guess that settles it. The so called expert must be right.
No, I said when I LIVED IN SYDNEY, I would think twice about meeting someone in Bondi (from Sutherland Shire) for coffee or a meal but I wouldn't think twice in Melbourne. Sydney's road are a bloody disgrace and always have been, traffic congestion is a magnitude greater than Melbourne. I had lots of friends when I was in Sydney who would say "Do we have to go that far". Same is not the case in Melbourne.

You still don't get the point. You yourself have offered no evidence of your counter-claim either. Anecdotal tales about tradies and the like are not evidence.

What exactly is your expertise? Are you one of those people who just steamrolls over anything anyone else says because your opinion is right. Isn't it funny that Tasmania and various islands off the coast of Australia have not had any major outbreaks, even though people go to and from them every day - gee, must be some sort of natural barrier involved.......

Why the hell do you think Regional Victoria hasn't been locked down - because there is a lot of unpopulated areas between it and metropolitan Melbourne, people commute every day but the two groups tend to shop and socialize locally. Is that so hard to understand....
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