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"However with a conventional type the aircraft clearly needs to achieve flying speed by the time it reaches the end of the deck. If the engine thrust alone can achieve this, I’m not clear what advantage the ski-jump gives, beyond pointing the jet away from the sea. If anything I’d expect it to actually reduce acceleration just when it’s most needed.

It’d be interesting to hear Engines or Mogwi’s thoughts on this."

There is a small advantage in launching conventional aircraft from a ramp because the first few seconds of flight are partially ballistic, giving the aircraft time to accelerate to above stalling speed. Vectored thrust gives a much greater advantage as the aircraft is "covered 1/3 in anti-gravity paint" as JF used to explain. This meant that the Jumping Bean could exit the ramp around 90 kts, with a stall speed of c160 kts. This obviously requires the ability to control the aircraft at extremely low IAS.

I believe that our American cousins have done trials with F 18s in the past but I haven't seen any data. There is also a limiting top speed for using a ramp because of nose leg compression - and extension!

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