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my first hand experience is that the pilot who flew me through the sound barrier and gave me tunnel vision on the way to 9 ‘gs’ in various air-to-air combat manoeuvres in a RAAF fighter jet was under a little more ‘stress and strain’ than the bloke sipping coffee at the front of my Generic Airways Flight 737
9 g? the limit is 7.5. Your F-18 chap had a way to go to approach the stress and strain of we Huey chaps who never got above 1,500', or faster than 100 knots, being shot up in a ambush suffering 75% casualties to the troops as they disembarked, having a crewman rolling around on the deck screaming from being shot in the back and neck and being shot yourself in the back between the shoulder blades, praise be to armored seats. Mind you, there are many, many airline crews who know full well the meaning of stress and strain, as do peddlers of any aviation contrivance.
Do you mean to get on top of clouds
Yes, sorry if you didn't understand the terminology, as I said.
having to climb to 20,000 to get on top
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