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I am of the belief that ASA are under some pressure to come up with "something" that will, in their view reduce any risks of a collision. (and of course satisfy whoever is appling the pressure for change from above) However whatever they come up with has to be approved by CASA OAR so there is a need for everyone to work together in a transparent manner with industry and wide consultation thru AvSEF (formally RAPAC). This is going to take some time as any "change" in the airspace design or procedures at specific locations (unless a class D tower) will need to be the subject of a very widespread education program. This is not going to happen overnight. ASA obviously don't have the answers or perhaps the expertise/corporate histroy to think more broadly on how it might works best without a tower.

Maybe it is time to consider a change to the regs that would permit a tower to be provided by an organisation other than ASA? That might also be more cost effective?

"Airservices is proposing to first introduce the enhanced traffic service at Ballina and Mangalore on 17 June 2021"
Maybe they got the year wrong?
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