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Originally Posted by Lead Balloon View Post
I wasn’t aware there was a diesel engined version of a Conquest.

How did it make it safely to Broome?

Presumably you reckon the aircraft should still be at the location of the forced landing, or taken to Broome by truck?

It would help if you could provide more detail around the conspiracy you’re alleging. Is it that Skippers got special treatment from CASA in the form of an ‘after hours’ ‘quick and dirty’ SFP, or that the ATSB has told fibs about the existence of an SFP in its report? Nothing would surprise me!
You Lead Ballon, simply do not get it!

I never ever said there was a diesel version of the Conquest - but I do know there are written procedures to allow it's use in the Garrett engine.

The point is you have zero idea (nor do I) of what damage was done to the engines if any - even though it made a short flight without "further" incident.

It could have effects on the fuel nozzle that torch the turbine to extent that it showered Broome with blade fragments killing several people or simply clog the fuel system and fail the engine again after X minutes of running.

I doubt either the engine or airframe manufacturers would say simply add fuel and go - but what would they know.

On piston engine aircraft water blocks the nozzles & requires a fair amount of work to remove it once ingested.
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