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As slf, I always tried to book a seat on the rhs of the aircraft in the hope that it would be a 13 arrival, and it often was. Definitely a very special experience. As for the nullah, once smelled never forgotten. Paxboy, the new airport is very efficient, but you are missing nothing. It totally lacks that very unique character that was Kai Tak.

Deja vu, I agree those were great days as an expat in HK. Occasionally, though, good things do last. I met my now wife in the back of a CX flight from Oz to Kai Tak back in 1990. She was a local girl who travelled a lot in her work, and after over 30 very happy years together we are still going strong. We always used to meet up under the big arrivals board when either of us flew in to Kai Tak.

Happy days, indeed.

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