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Yes your memory serves you right. I got landed with taking one of the B737 freighters the night of the hurricane that Michel Fish mentioned from EMA to AGP. And looking at charts a 80 it headwind meant we had stop for fuel.I elected to stop at LGW for a quick refuel as we had engineers there. Could not believe but they over fueled by 800 kgs so we had a huge delay and had to offload catering and bars.
Whilst all this was going on wind increased,temperature rise significantly pressure dropped like a stone and eventually we set off with a very tough turbulent flight.
On way back to EMA weather there 40kts down runway but LGW was unbelievable around 80kts from around 230degrees I seem to remember.

I wrote all this down on voyage report and could not believe later on Fleet Captain asking why the catering and bars were left off.!!!
I referred him to my report.
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