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Flash I’m only repeating what the guys said a couple of years ago and how neither were asked to attend the lane inquiry despite their written submissions. The Viscount skipper with whom I was to fly with several times on the gripper asked for a block take off after it became apparent that Key wasn’t going to roll anytime soon. If you were on the trident fleet then you would know whom I’m talking about.
WHMB..There was much discussion about the guys who jumped ship and how much more practical the Tristar system was. Incidentally I was invited by Peter Hearne to a BBQ at his french home after we had been rock polishing in the Alps where we had a very stimulating discussion and he revealed his roll with Smiths amongst other flight systems. We touched on the Russian artificial horizon and how more natural it was; this was before an ex Aeroflot pilot rolled one of Crossairs kites inverted and stuck it in the ground at Rumlang. Peter was trying a new thermal centering vario out, the centris, which was way ahead of the game then but is common place now. His obituary was interesting but have no links ..could have been posted by the Guild.
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