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Originally Posted by Jackonicko View Post
Interesting. So where's the evidence supporting the French being first? In what, where and when?
The French were indeed first with an Autoland with pax, a Caravelle of Air Inter on Paris to Lyon, a trunk route plagued with winter fogs at both ends. I've got the dates buried somewhere. The Caravelle Autoland had a different design philosophy to the Trident's, but both worked equally well. Development of the two systems was going on at the same time.

Once the system was cracked Hawker Siddeley felt the task was complete, and by the mid/late 1960s offered little onward work to the development engineers. This was at the time that design work on the Lockheed Tristar was getting going, and a number of the team went over there (and were cited by Prime Minister Harold Wilson as examples of the "Brain Drain"), where at Palmdale they not only got it going but put everything in that Hawker Siddeley said they didn't have the budget for. Apparently the Lockheed Tristar Autoland has never been beaten before or since for operation - the Lockheed test pilots said they got it up to a 55-knot crosswind, but when it came to certification couldn't find one severe enough to demonstrate.

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