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Originally Posted by pineteam View Post
what went wrong in your situation described above.
you disconnect AP and disregard FDs and start banking. if the FMA was on ALT* The A/THR must have been in SPEED mode and not in CLB thrust anymore??
You're right, I mixed up the description. But it was not the automation failing (it never does) that went wrong, the human side got behind the airplane and missed things. I'm convinced less automation then might have been beneficial. No need to monitor it, no need to follow it, no need to announce it, no need to command adjustments and clarify them with PM, etc. ... you have more time to watch the bank properly...

Also I learned that night "left" and "right" can actually be indecipherable. Always thought that sometimes they come strangely close by the sound of it, but never believed 3 focused people already aware of a misunderstanding could not figure it out.
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