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Originally Posted by Sotonsean View Post
Boeing 727 100/200 Holiday jets.

Going on from Mooncrests Boeing 737-200 Holiday jets thread I thought that a similar one regarding the Boeing 727 during the same period would also be interesting.

I have combined the Boeing 727-100 and Boeing 727-200 series as neither of which were flown by many European charter airlines during the 1980's.

There were several European charter airlines operating the Boeing 727 on European holiday/charter flights during the 1980's along with the mainstream European scheduled airline's and in particular national flag carriers.

The following airlines operated Boeing 727-100 and Boeing 727-200 on European holiday/charter flights during the 1980's.


Air Charter International
Air Columbus Boeing 727-100/200)
Air Yugoslavia
Condor (Boeing 727-100/200)
Dan Air (Boeing 727-100/200)
Hapag Lloyd (Boeing 727-100/200)
Sobelair (Boeing 727-100)
Sterling Airlines
​​​Transair Sweden (Boeing 727-100)

SCHEDULED AIRLINES (operating charters/holiday flights)

Air Malta (leased two Boeing 727-200 for two years)
JAT Yugoslav Airlines
Lufthansa (operating on behalf of Condor) (Boeing 727-100/200)
Pan Am (Boeing 727-100)
Sabena (operating on behalf of Sobelair) (Boeing 727-100/200)
TAP Air Portugal (Boeing 727-100/200)

Air France, Alitalia, Olympic Airways may also have operated charter/holiday flights from their respected countries with their Boeing 727-200's during the 1980's.

I'm sure that I have missed a few other airline's that operated the Boeing 727-100/200 on European charter/holiday flights during the 1980's.

Looking forward to reading other members contributions.

Dan Air were scheduled as well as charter
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