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Noel, et al, we have to consider what assumptions are in the questions; our inability to understand crews’ behaviour at the time, without benefit of hindsight.

Pilots are trained for stall recognition and recovery; they are not trained for the combination of erroneous airspeed and stall - manual flight at high altitude with many systems alerts and distractions. Nor in turbulence which masks natural stall warning, or stall at night / IMC, or with revised control laws, or …, … or in the real aircraft in a rare, surprising, complex situation.

The article below is an overview of the investigation and HF issues relevant to the questions.
Also see page 6 which relates to legal aspects (this thread), particularly the French view:-
This investigation does not seek to determine responsibilities—that is the role of the judicial investigation that takes place in parallel and independently of ours, as laid out in French law. Unfortunately, in the mind of the public, it is not always easy to understand the difference. Many people expected the BEA investigation to point out responsibilities and even culpabilities.”
Accident Investigation page 6 - ; and Human Factors Issues page 9 -.
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