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Originally Posted by Barrt3344 View Post
They were working their way up the list and taking opportunities like everyone else only to see it all come undone due to poor management and a lack of respect for the pilot group. Again, Qantas have managed to keep this level of respect for their crew where virgin havenít. Hereís hoping a shortage of pilots kicks in once again and everyone can return to their rightful position.
What on earth are you on about lack of respect to the pilot group. A lack of respect of the pilot group didnít lead to a whole bunch of senior guys being made redundant - it was the simple fact that Virgin went into administration resulting in their being no more WB aircraft (or ATR, Tiger or NZ Operation) and the fact that both the NB and WB EAís are crystal clear - a pilot made redundant in one operation (read WB) is unable to displace or force the redundancy of a pilot in another operation (read NB).

Youíre also clearly clueless about QF Group management as well, considering over the past 12 months:
- They have close the PH JQ base, and made their pilots shift base, all at the same time that Network was recruiting A320 pilots (and these positions werenít given to former PH JQ pilots)

- JQ 787 pilots have been stood down and the company has basically said they wonít be allowing them to transfer back to the A320 operation because they will need them Ďat some stage in the futureí, yet there is the very real possibility that JQ will also be recruiting externally into the NB operation whilst the 787 guys are still stood down

- Youíve got QF LH pilots (especially those on the 747 and 380) who are still stood down with no foreseeable time that they will be back at work in their substantive positions, and QF outright refusing to offer these guys a redundancy.

Suggesting QF management are respecting their pilots and doing all the right things by all of their pilots, and at the same time sticking the boots into Virgin management for complying with Enterprise Agreements proves youíve got NFI what youíre talking about. 🙄
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