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Originally Posted by AerialPerspective View Post
The only thing that isn't surprising about the appointments is the continuation of this government's ideological fetish for appointing ex military people to every damn civil role they can think of - the GG qualifications nowadays may as well say "Must have served in the ADF" - sure, I guess like any organisation, occasionally a good leader may emerge but these people treat this as it's almost the ONLY qualification - let's face it, a lot of the military have made their career by following orders, how the hell does that qualify someone for this type of position????

Could someone remind the government that at least some of the ADF leadership were in the job when the alleged crimes occurred in Afghanistan....... not implying anyone appointed is responsible but would it not make sense to re-think this fetish for appointing ex military people to manage things.... when clearly at least some of the MOST important aspects of military activity have seemingly not been managed at all???
What a truthful but laughable post. Having made a career out of following orders. Find me someone anyone in Government that has not had a career out of following orders, see "toe the party line". God forbid that you actually want people appointed to a portfolio with experience in that area. Imagine a Doctor as the minister of the Health Portfolio or a Teacher as the minister of the Education Portfolio or a Farmer, well you get the gist. But we cannot have that because unless you have spent your career following orders, sorry following the party line you will not be a politician in a position to be “portfolioed”. At least in general these people, not saying they have enough sense but have that survival instinct in trying not to make to bigger of a fool of themselves, have these experienced people on staff to advice.
“sense to re-think this fetish for appointing ex military people to manage things” Really ? So you have a person who has worked their way into a senior position by learning, having experience , in "managing" not only large groups of people but if not actually doing so being trained to handle significant situations but you would rather what? Have Betty the scone maker appointed as GG. Most civilian high achievers would not even consider this as it would be a step down, in their eyes, from their already gained financially high secure position. I guess you must be suggesting that a “Govemnit” person be appointed GG.
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