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  • Stop comparing ME carriers with those in the EU. We’ll see that even the ones that were mentioned as example will start firing now: LH, SWISS, OS, etc.. I bet the nice "pay cut to keep all on board" will not be welcomed there either ….. It’s a cut throat industry across the board and no place for misunderstood socialism.
  • If pilots really have those above average qualities we so much like to boast, then we should be quite able to readapt outside our industry. Or maybe we took our “sit back and relax” too literally? Or maybe our recent overall qualities have been diluted/recruited to lower standards and we no longer impress others that much? Pick one!
  • After the initial shockwave of dismissals, i told my dear friend who was hit, that he might be somewhat lucky after all. Being retained on a ridiculous plan, with honestly only a small chance of getting recalled, might lull you into false hopes and fading chances of being able to move on. Plus the eligible spots out there will have been filled with those former colleagues! Reading the actual bitching on ppr, compared to the beginning of the catastrophe just seems to prove my point.
  • Take the money and run, or wait silently for the eventual guillotine to fall or maybe not, but don’t point your finger at those who are still working. Three of them point in another direction.
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