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Originally Posted by 14 6 View Post
Well, you have leadership, situational awareness, workload management and communication skills.......that will come in handy in any industry.
i totally agree that a pilot has exactly those skills.

In a non aviation Industrie these Skills are secondary Skills which benefiting your knowledge towards - whatever the Industrie does.
You have this skills based on your aviation knowledge not as an IT, Electronics, vehicle engineer, tax laywer, Finanz expert, or sales agent for industrial machinery
thes jobs require university degree which you not just simple get in the evening school.
if u have one these degree above mentioned skills push you definitiv forward in your career but, them alone does not make u valuable candidate for jobs, simple because you donít have the profund knowledge of your new profession.

and pilots if asked about their skills are always giving exactly that answer, not one so far answered the question with a name of a degree. Yet alone this answer shows that you might be confident about these skills, but not confident about what to do with it outside aviation
Pilots not the only individuals with these skills, but mostly without any other up to date knowledge beside aviation. Pilots are highly specialized in aviation but thatís it.
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