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It's actually laughable to think that people still believe business travel will resume to levels higher than pre-covid. Maybe if you're 18 years old and don't really understand business then you continue to believe that. The "boss" doesn't run the company, the shareholders do, and what they say (vote on) goes, and that includes cost cutting and firing the CEO or founder, oh and did I mention that a CA advises and pretty much sets the bar for the company on the financial side. The whole point of a business is to MAKE A PROFIT FOR THE SHAREHOLDERS, no one else and nothing else.

Back to boring aircraft, why do you think the Concorde failed? And if someone says it was too loud or expensive, I will literally slap you with the dumb stick. It failed because of the advancement of telecommunications, it arrived too late and the world had changed.

Anyway bla bla bla, companies have adapted rapidly due to this covid, and they realise that meetings / deals can and will be done on line, virtually. "This is the way" <- are you seeing now that the world has changed.

Business travel is dead, long live tourism as uncle Bob and aunt Mary will always want to "touch" the pyramids.
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