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More gen.

As you know there are many ways to safely operate an aircraft which all hinge on training standards...Monitored approaches can be flown in different ways.
With regard to the inquiry I discovered at the Sunderland Trident museum knees up a couple of years ago that there was a lot of potential testimony withheld. Particularly interesting were the two captains that took off around the same time. Key blocked the runway for approximately 5 mins according to them, one on the Viscount asked ATC for a block take off and got airborne before PI and the other waited and took off immediately afterwards. They both speculated at what an intolerable atmosphere there must have been.
I was recently threatened to be taken off from a site after I supported a fellow pensioner who had criticised what I perceived to be racist, misogynistic and Rule British Airways remarks wrt another Asian incident. The guy was our union rep and he accused me of a rant which it wasn’t; I scratched a nerve wrt the inquiry and his input.
Fortunately we have come a long way from those bullying days (to a degree).
Rgds Alan
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