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Perhaps seen as quintessentially British ? A bell-weather of the economy, in the sense of average joe's spending habits ? Like others, the pubs were always a mixed bag for me, too many nights ended up in violent situations either in, or outside due to drunken rage by the usual subjects and it was always an underlying stress to not get caught up in the fracas. When I started travelling, like others, it was just such a relief to be able to enjoy a night out including alcohol and jollity. It's really just the drinking culture of the UK/Ireland that is so deeply embedded that cause the necking of as much as quickly as possible for a great many. There are still lovely cosy pubs existing and those are to be praised. As mentioned, due to drink-driving laws having been tightened over the years, rural pubs have been dying out for some time. Add in the price of food and drink at pubs nowadays and a simple meal for two plus drinks could run you 100 or more (at least in London).
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