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Mr Mac
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I used to live in a village with a wonderful 14th Century pub which was great , and we did use it a lot , but when we moved out of the village we stopped using it, and indeed others due to drink driving laws.

However in Munich where I live in the old inner city I regularly go for a beer post work with my colleagues / staff. No driving involved as good public transport and I just walk home. To do the same in Yorkshire would involve a 3.5 mile walk each way and a climb / descent of 800ft and we do not have any form of public transport and it would not be so much fun in typical Pennine weather.

I think pubs have been in decline for sometime in the UK and some to be frank do not look very inviting although that can also be said of some bars in Europe as well but they seem to currently survive better than the British pub is doing from observations on my travels.

Mr Mac
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