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Originally Posted by sunnySA View Post

Goes a long way to highlight what is so wrong with Airservices Australia. The whole funding model and the performance framework is seriously flawed. The CEO earned was paid a seven figure a couple of years ago (when you factor in bonuses and superannuation).
You could insert the words "Nav Canada" in place of "Airservices Australia" and the sentence would be equally accurate. The corporatisation of service providers was sold to all the world as a more efficient option, when in fact it was the direct result of Reaganomics and Thatcherism -- the reduction of government through selling off gov't functions to private enterprise whilst simultaneously deregulating, or in the case of civil aviation, decimating the regulator's resources to the point that regulatory oversight is almost non-existent (with ICAO being a complicit dupe along the way.) Nav Canada and Airservices Australia are two of many shining corroded examples of the result: They are businesses first, and service providers a very distant second.

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