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Alex Whittingham
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Can you imagine what would happen if EASA released the question banks under Freedom of Information? So many questions, hundreds certainly if not thousands would be found to be invalid, based on the wrong regulation, outside the syllabus, no correct answer, two correct answers, unintelligible. Why don't they release it? Go figure. Amusingly the UK CAA up to the end of last year used to repeat the EASA statements that there was a copyright (although they carefully avoided saying who owned the copyright) and copyright infringements would be pursued, the harshest penalties sought etc. Then the UK left EASA, and the CAA appropriated the EASA Question banks wholesale, renamed them the UK CAA Question Banks and all copyright admonitions disappeared. Go figure again. I'm waiting for EASA to enforce their copyright claims against the UK CAA with an injunction - whoops, no UK exams.
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