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They did it overnight - or rather over 4 nights - on Thurs 21st Oct 48 they arrived at Wright Field with a truckload of paper to present the Model 464-35 with 4x 8000shp T35 turboprops. The Colonel (Pete Warren) in charge of the USAF team hardly looked at it but asked them if they could use the JT3 instead.

They went back to their hotel and worked non-stop (no computers of course) and turned up on Monday 25th at 08:00 with the B-52 (model 464-49). They presented a full pack of documents, all typed & bound, working drawings and even a desk-top model. It had the same span, greater sweep, 8 engines , 40% more fuel and 6000 mile range. The rest, as they say , is history
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