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Originally Posted by chopper2004 View Post
The Drive reviewed the events of 94 in deep dark Wiltshire they could have waited another 3 years and be 30th anniversary.

Factually incorrect calling Boscombe an RAF airfield, it was a government airfield under the control of MOD(PE) then MOD/DPA (ie NOT MOD[Air]) until it was re-titled 'T & EE' instead of 'A & AEE' and didn't become a DRA or DERA untl later.
NB I'm not saying the events described didn't happen; experimental flying from Farnborough had only just moved there in 1994 and there was still some 'interoperation' between the two airfields with Farnborough retaining arrestor gear and sufficient AFRS to be a Crash Div for Boscombe.

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