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Even if it is not the report to which BEagle referred, even on the basis of a quick skim it presents clear views on the role of synthetic training as a necessary part of they system that needs to be kept up to date for all in service types. However, there is a necessary levelof real flying that needs to be done.

Constrained budgets, decreased aircraft availability, instructor pilot shortages, and reduced training range availability have led to greater simulator usage. The Commission heard concerns from pilots in all the Services about the increased use of simulation in lieu of actual flying. Recognizing that simulation is a cost-effective flight training tool, it is a supplement or enhancement, not a replacement, for actual flight training. There is great value in both.(My emphases) Simulators cannot replicate carrier landings or simulate G-forces, but they do provide the safest environment for training on emergency procedures and aircrew coordination. Achieving the proper balance between actual flight and simulator training is crucial for both safety and readiness.For simulators to be effective, they must mirror the specifications of the aircraft they simulate. In many cases, units lack simulators with the same configurations and flight characteristics as the actual aircraft. Several units reported that contracts limit simulator availability and do not provide the engineering support necessary to keep their simulators operating and up to date. This results in “negative training,” pilots practicing skills contrary to how they would employ them in actual flight.

FINDING: In many units, the minimum flight hour requirements for currency are not being met, leading to flight waivers that are increasing risks and impacting the safety culture of military aviation.

FINDING: Simulators are an essential tool for training military aviation professionals. Installations have outdated and out-of-service simulators.

I suspect the bean counters may be too convinced by the financial input comparision to concentrate on the effectiveness of the ouput.

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